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Average Rating: 1, Reviews: 6
anyport As you all know half the population especially young people all pay using there phones or Apple Watch these days it’s how 2021 is !!.. I mean get with the times .. anyway this driver did not have one and then decided to be a total asshole to me just cus he accepted the job and didn’t know like… that’s not my problem nor my fault !! I never said on the phone that I have cash or card did I !! Then he goes u know what forget it all ur trying to do is get a ride for free !! I would never do that to you or anyone!!! If you had a fucking card reader I would have payed you as I use my phone to pay for things !!! So don’t u dare ever have the ordasity to say that !! Twat ! Fucking disgusting behaviour all for a couple quid !!!! Hope u get sacked !!! anyport
anyport Called at 8.30am to book a taxi for 1.30pm to the distribution centre in Magor, so obviously for work, taxi arrived over 20 minutes late! anyport
anyport Awful service with extremely rude driver anyport
anyport Absolutely dreadful service, 2 taxis booked at the same time, 1 on time, 45 minute wait for the other! No explanation why, just busy ! Surely it can’t be that hard to good 2 bookings correct at the same time. Never use again ! Plain ignorant too when re- dialled. anyport
Dean cook
anyport Driver right after picking me up insisted stopping by a cash point although ive selected payment by card, explaining that he's got an extra fare for payments by card. After getting cash out, I tried explaining that its an inconvenience but he kept on being rude and eventually told me to shut up so I got off at that point. Next thing I called your company to complain and apparently the driver dared to say that he didn't have a service and I wasn't willing to pay. anyport
anyport Chow taxis are the most reliable in Newport. I have used other firms and been ripped off by most. Chow drivers are polite, honest and prompt. anyport
Leigh Russell
13, RAGLAN COURT. Newport